So… I don’t have a Plan

On May 13, 2017, I graduated from Oakwood University! It was the second-best day of my life. After four long years of college, I completed my Bachelors of Science in Biology.  I started reflecting over this past school year this week and concluded that the only way I made it across that stage last week … Continue reading So… I don’t have a Plan


Big Hair Don’t Care

In December of 2016 I big chopped my hair. Big chopping my hair means that I cut off all of my relaxed ends of my hair or damaged hair. I was about 11 years old when I first relaxed my hair.  Relaxing hair is adding chemicals to the hair to change the chemical formation of … Continue reading Big Hair Don’t Care

It’s Time To Be Woke

After spending 4 years at an HBCU I have been awakened to social injustice and racial problems in our country. I have been specially made aware of the rise in police brutality against African Americans, the rise in the killings or discrimination against African Americans and laws that have been passed that adds to the … Continue reading It’s Time To Be Woke

Like a Mustard Seed

I like to stress and worry. If there is nothing to stress over I stress over not being able to stress. I stress, worry and plan to prevent things that will never happen. If I have a lot of things to do I never really do my part and trust God to provide. There are times … Continue reading Like a Mustard Seed