Goodbye College

IMG_9056On May 13, 2017 I will walk across the stage and will be done with my undergrad experience.  I have completed all of my academic requirements for graduation! College was an amazing experience and I will truly miss it. All of the friends that I have made, the teachers, some of the classes, and the memories. The last 4 years went by so fast. It feels as though yesterday I was walking into the female dorm and meeting my roommates. And now here I am four years later graduating.

College has taught me a lot of lessons outside of the classroom. It has taught me that not everyone that enters your life means good. There are people who enter your life that are either permanent or temporary.  Not everyone finds their true love in college and so many other things that deals with relationships with people which will be discussed in another blog post.

The most important lesson college taught me is to depend on God. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today or where I am today if it was not for God. While in college I learned to depend on God, trust Him, surrender to Him and many other valuable lessons. It was God that brought me through the sleepless nights, picked me up when I fell flat on my face, carried me when I could not walk, answered test questions when I did not study, comforted me when I cried myself to sleep and so much more.  Through college I got closer to God and it has been an incredible experience.

As I leave college, there is one thing that I want to share with you and it is to enjoy your college experience. College is the best thing that can happen to you. Through all the ups and downs college has taught me never to give up and to keep chasing my dreams. It was through my college experience that I learned to accept me and to love me.  Here I started to be real and unique. If you ever get the chance to go to college take time and to enjoy it. Allow the experience to grow you emotionally, spiritually, socially and maybe even physically. I promise you that you won’t regret going to college.

Until next time,




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