Dear future College Student

Dear future college student,

As you decided to come to college, I want to give you some advice. Over the past four years of college I have learned a few things that a professor could not teach and cannot be found in a textbook. These lessons that I have learned come from trial and error through life circumstances. I hope that as you enter college and as I leave, that the knowledge that I have learned and am sharing will be beneficial to you as you start your college journey.

The first lesson is, college is NOTHING like high school. High school was a place where you could study for a test an hour before the test and still get an A on the test. Please, especially if you are a science major do not try this. Start studying for every test at least  two weeks before the test. If you have a paper due please do not be like me and wait the last minute to start a 15 page paper the night before; you will be mad and the outcome will not be the best.

Another important lesson is to be willing to ask for help. If you are struggling in a class, talk to your professor and tell them. Most of the time they will be willing to help you by re-explaining the information, providing you will more work to help boost your grade or by allowing you to retake a test or something. Try to at least talk to your professor and get to know them because your professors will be the one’s writing you letter of recommendations.

 College is meant to be enjoyed. I have enjoyed every moment of my college experience. I have made life long friends and life long memories in college. I have also have been given opportunities that I could not get anywhere else in life. College will change your life, it is up to you on how you will let it change you.

Until Next Time Future College Student,



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