With God, I Can!

IMG_20170513_175623There are times in life where I don’t think I am capable of accomplishing  the dreams and goals I have for life. Sometimes I see a woman that has all of the capabilities  to reach her dreams but somehow fear keeps her from chasing her dreams. I hear the praise that people give me for the things I have accomplished but when I attempt to do something grand I freeze in fear. I freeze in fear because I am afraid of the unknown. I am afraid that I will fail even though the past does not show me failing. I freeze in fear because thinking about being vulnerable is frightening . I freeze in fear when there is a guy I might like and instead of expressing my feelings I say nothing to him. Being frozen by fear is a terrible thing because it keeps you from growing and being the best version of yourself. It keeps you from trying new things, having the opportunity to have new relationships and so many other incredible things that people experience when they are not frozen by fear.

So how did/ do I overcome this fear that freeze’s me? Well, I learned that with God I am able to complete everything. I have learned that no matter what fear I am feeling, God will wipe it away. He will give me strength to complete whatever the task is. He will give me the skills to chase my dreams and will open doors so that my goals can be reached. God will change my fear into faith so that when doubt creeps in, I just need to trust and believe.

Believe me though, it wasn’t easy just trusting God and letting go of that fear. My last semester of college, I found myself fighting this freezing fear. This freezing fear is so bad that it can paralyze you and it did. I was paralyzed by this freezing fear that I couldn’t see past graduation. I could not see myself doing anything past college; couldn’t see myself completing my masters, going to medical school, eventually getting married or anything else. But I thank God that He is still the God of miracles. Even though I was paralyzed by a freezing fear, God was already thawing my fear by showing me His love through Jeremiah 29:11, Philippians 4:13, Job 23:10, Romans 8:31- 39 and so many other precious bible verses.

God showed me the next chapter of life isn’t a chapter of me doing it by myself but with Him. With God, I can get into a master’s program. With God, I can do exceptionally well on the MCAT and GRE. With God, I can get into medical school and with God I will get through medical school. With God, I will meet the man He wants me to marry. With God, I can see past college and see life. Even though I might have freezing fear that paralyze’s me, I know that with God I can and will overcome my fear and live in the plan that God has for me. If you are suffering from this freezing paralyzing fear just know that with God you will get through it and will be a conqueror.

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