When Life Gives You Potatoes!

All my life I have heard the saying ‘when life potatoesgives you lemons make lemonade’; but what do you do when life gives you potatoes? Potatoes??? Why potatoes? is probably what you are asking about now or how can life give you potatoes. Well let me first explain what a potato is. Potatoes are the swollen part of the plant underground stem called tuber.  The tuber provides the green leafy portion of the plant with nutrients, hence why the potato is starchy and called the comfort food. Potatoes are rich in vitamin B6, potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, and dietary fiber. When the potato isn’t fried or loaded with all the delicious toppings for a baked potato, it is a great healthy food that is low in calories and high in fiber that protects against cardiovascular disease (a little health nugget for the day, lol).

So why would life give you potatoes??? Another way for saying when life gives you potatoes is when life gives you comfort. When life provides the comfort for you to move on. The potato is part of the root system of a plant. Without the root (or potato) the plant would not get the nutrients to grow; the visible part of the plant would die. Sometimes in life we are giving ‘potatoes’, something or someone that provides us with the strength (or nutrients) to continue on and grow. Life gives us comfort after losing a love one, a breakup, or anything us that hurt us. Our life potatoes could be a song, a friend, a family member, it could be anything that helps us to continue to go on.

So what will you do with the potatoes that life gives you? Will you take the strength that it gives you and continue to grow? Will you allow for the potato to comfort and grow you while you go through trying times? The cool thing about the potato is that it is underground. What that means is there are times when the comfort that you find no one will see it or experience it, that comfort is just for you. The next time when life gives you potatoes or comfort, take it and enjoy it.

Until Next Time,










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