Get You A Friend That Prays… With You!

One thing that I loved the most about college was the opportunity to form friendships with so many people. The friends that you make become the people that encourage you, grow you, your partner in crime, your driver, and so much more. All of the friends that I made in college played and continue to play a vital part of my life; I really don’t know what life would be like if I didn’t have them in it. However, there is one type of friend that you NEED in life. A friend that will pray with you! Sounds crazy? It’s not. Of all the people who you need in life, you need someone who prays for you. I didn’t know how important a friend that prays for you and with you was until I got one.  Here are three reasons why you NEED a praying friend in your life.

1. They Encourage You To Have A Relationship With God.

When you have a friend praying for you and you are praying for that friend it encourages you to spend time with God. I know that I would have devotions more often when I was praying for my friend than before. The friend that you are praying for can be an accountability partner for your spiritual growth. By praying for each other, you can remind each other to pray for the other. This is great to have because there is someone in your life that encourages you to have a relationship with God.

2.  They Will Want To See You Grow, Especially Spiritually.

Since you are praying for each other’s prayer request, you and your friend should want to see a change in each other. If I am praying for my friend, I want to see how God will move in my friend’s life; I want to see God answer his prayers. I want to see the growth that my friend is experiencing,  I don’t want to see my friend staying in the same place. If I am praying for a friend, I want to see him growing closer to Christ and becoming the best version of himself in Christ.  Hopefully, your friend would want to see the same for you.

3. They Are Great To Have In Life.

Having a friend that you know that you can text ‘ can you pray for me’, is an incredible feeling. Knowing that there is someone who is calling your name in prayer is comforting. Having a person that you trust with your prayer request whether it is deep or simple is great. I know that I couldn’t have finished college without my praying friend. This friend helped me get through some trying times, and I did the same for him.

If you don’t have a praying friend, first pray and ask God to put the right friend in your life. When God does, enjoy and cherish the friendship! It will be the best friendship that you can have, I promise!

Until Next Time,



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