The Extra Mile.

As a child I hated doing extra work. There was a neighbor who was elderly and had a long drive. My mother would tell me that when I was done shoveling our driveway to go and shovel our neighbor's. She did not pay me for shoveling which would make me more upset. My mother told … Continue reading The Extra Mile.


Peace in the Storm.

Being a college graduate and not going directly to graduate school is stressful and overwhelming. As a college graduate, I need to find a job, apply and get into graduate school,  I have a knee injury that I am dealing with, not to mention the unending questions of what is next is exhausting. At the … Continue reading Peace in the Storm.

To The Guy Who Makes Me Smile

To the guy who makes me smile,  Anytime that I think about you, I smile. Someone could just mention your name and I smile. It is funny how much of an effect that you have on me.  There are times when I am just down but you know how to lift my spirit's up. You … Continue reading To The Guy Who Makes Me Smile

Praise the Pain Away!

I absolutely hate gloomy days. You know the days where the sun does not shine or it rains all day. I also hate the days where certain things happen during my day that makes me sad, unhappy and miserable.  So what do you do when you have these sad, unhappy, and miserable days?  How do … Continue reading Praise the Pain Away!