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    What’s Next???

    In the blog post, The Gift of Patience, I mentioned that God was preparing me for the next. So, what is the next? I’ll tell you! After a summer of waiting on God, sleeping, relaxing, working out, semi-studying for tests and holistic growth, God decided on July 30th to give me the next and I can honestly say that it was a miracle. On July 30th, 2017, I found a  job posting at a local university for an adjunct biology lab instructor. I looked at the requirements and saw all I needed was a bachelor’s in biology or biological science and I applied to the job. The next day, I…

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  • Inspirational

    The Gift of Patieince

    I  am not the most patient person. If I think I can accomplish something sooner than someone else, I tend to go behind the other person’s back and do the task (this is a very bad habit that I am working on breaking). I do not like to wait for people, I hate slow drivers because it takes twice as long to get somewhere and I hate, I absolutely hate waiting for what is next in life. Let me explain what I mean; I am a planner. Since I was 8 years old I have had a good idea of how my life was going to work out. However, since graduating…

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