The Gift of Patieince

I  am not the most patient person. If I think I can accomplish something sooner than cropped-img_20160910_125334.jpgsomeone else, I tend to go behind the other person’s back and do the task (this is a very bad habit that I am working on breaking). I do not like to wait for people, I hate slow drivers because it takes twice as long to get somewhere and I hate, I absolutely hate waiting for what is next in life. Let me explain what I mean; I am a planner. Since I was 8 years old I have had a good idea of how my life was going to work out. However, since graduating from college I do not have an idea of what is next in life.

Recently, God has been teaching me lessons and one of them is patience. God has been teaching me the value of being patient and waiting for Him to lead me forward in life. This lesson is extremely challenging for me ( the planner). Waiting and allowing God is just a fancy way of saying surrendering and trusting God. It is giving God everything and trusting that He will open the doors and work everything out. In a past post entitled So… I don’t have a plan,  I talked about how God was growing me and that He had a plan. I wrote that in May and for 3 long months I sat around and was taught a lesson in patience and here is some of what I learned.

In order for God to fulfill His plan in your life, He needs to do some remodeling in you. God needed to teach me patience because what’s coming next requires A LOT of patience. I need to have patience at my job, with my family,  in my relationships and for the next chapter in life. He needed to remodel how I thought and help my temper not to be so short; God needed me to understand how patient He was/ is with me and that I need to do the same for others. Without patience, I miss the opportunity to be a blessing and to be used by God.

Before God can give you the next, He sometimes needs to make sure that you can handle it.  If God gave me the next right after I finished college, I probably would not have cherished it or understood how it is a blessing. I know that I would have thought it was a joke and not have taken the opportunity, missing out on an incredible blessing. So God waited until I learned some patience and to trust Him before giving me the next.

Patience is a gift from God. While waiting and being patient, you get to see things that you missed while you were busy.  In this session of waiting, I was able to spend time with God, start to see the purpose and the plan God has for my life, learn some things about myself and so much more. I was able to enjoy life and found peace and happiness through Christ. All of this is the gift of patience and waiting on God.

Until Next Time,




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