God, I Will Wait.

God, I will wait until You give me him. A man after Your own heart. A man who fears You and walks with You daily.  A man who seeks after You and chase You. A man that will trust and surrender to You. God, a man that has the faith like Abraham, leadership like Moses, wisdom like Solomon, a kind heart like Boaz, a story like Paul, a man who is obedient like Noah and loves like Christ. God, I will wait for a man who will pray for me and with me. A man who will fast and pray for me and with me. Someone who will study the word of God with me and will seek You with me. God, I will wait for Adam, bone of bone, flesh of flesh, we will be one in You, letting You guide us through each turn in life.

I will wait until You give me him. A man that will submit to You and I will submit to him. A man who will be my pastor, pouring into me what You give him for us. A man that seeks You and finds You, Lord. God, I will wait until You give me a man that if I replace love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 with his name, he will be patient, he will be kind, he will not envy, he will not boast, he will not be proud, he will not dishonor others, he will not be self-seeking, he will not be easily angered and he will keep no record of wrongs. God, I will not run ahead of You or chase those that seem fitting.  God, I will wait until You give me him.

But, while I wait, I pray that You will give me faith like the woman with the issue of blood. God, please give me courage like Esther, loyalty like Ruth and obedience like Mary. Help me to pray like Hannah and to be Your servant like Rebekah. God, instill in me the fruits of the Spirit. As I wait, I ask that You cleanse me of all the unrighteousness that is in my life. God, create in me a new heart and renew a right spirit within me. Help me to be a Proverbs 31 woman. God, he will not complete me because You complete me. God, I ask that You prepare me to be a wife that will trust You. Help me to pray for him now, even though I do not know who he is. Lord give me the skills that will help me to be a ministry to him as a wife and a partner in life. Please, make my high places low and my low places high. God teach me Your love.

Lord, ordain the two of us. Help that when You bring us together that we know it was You. God, when You deem the right time for us to become one in You, I pray that we can be a ministry to each other; helping each other through the good times and bad times of life. I pray that we will help each other to chase after You Lord. So, Lord, I will wait, even though my biological clock is ticking. If Sarah could bear a child in her old age, then I know that You will provide at the right time.  However, if there is no man for me and You have called me to life of singleness, I pray that You use me and prepare for the purpose You have for my life.



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