Embrace Who You Are

Have you ever stared in a mirror and wished that you could be 5 years older? 30 lbs lighter? Or, just a better version of yourself? I know that I have spent many hours dreaming of a better version of me; a happier me, a smarter me, a healthier me,  a successful me, etc. I use … Continue reading Embrace Who You Are


Leaving the Comfort zone

I do not like to do anything that may seem crazy, dangerous, adventurous or scary to me. I like to live life safe and in my comfort zone. I enjoy my comfort zone and never do I ever plan to leave it. However, even though my comfort zone is great it hinders me. I am learning that while … Continue reading Leaving the Comfort zone


Recently in life, I have been learning another lesson and that is knowing my value/worth. What do I mean?  I have been learning what all I bring to the table in life and not allowing someone to walk over me or take advantage of me.  I am learning to recognize my worth in every aspect of … Continue reading YOU ARE VALUABLE

The Wait.

I have talked about the gift of patience and being patient because God has you. So. . . what do you do during the wait? That is a great question. What do you do while God prepares you for the next? You pray and study the Bible. Why?? It is during the waiting season that … Continue reading The Wait.