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One Year Later… the Growth!

On December 6th, 2016 I big chopped my hair. After transitioning for a little more than a year, I decided to cut my hair. After I cut it, my hair took off and grew longer than it ever was when it was relaxed.  Here are the four things that I believed helped my hair to grow.

The first thing was NO HEAT!  I do not put heat on my hair. The only time I did was when I graduated (back in May).  Keeping heat off of my hair helped me not to heat damage it which helped my hair to grow.

The second thing I did was protective styles. Whether my hair was twisted, braided, in a bun or I was wearing a wig, I tried to keep my hair in a protective style. I am not ashamed to say that I wear wigs.  I love them because they are a protective style that allows me to moisturize my natural hair nightly.  One of the reasons I think my hair grew so fast was because I would braid my hair down or get someone to help me braid it, put my oil mixture on my scalp and wear a wig for at least a month. When I did this MY HAIR GREW! lol

The third thing was moisturizing my hair. whether it was a leave-in conditioner, moisturizer or just plain H2O  I made sure to moisturize my hair. The fourth thing I did was I watched my diet. When I take care of me, my hair grows.

I am so happy that I went natural. My hair is the healthiest, longest, and thickest it has ever been! Yes being a natural head takes time but I love it because when that twist out or wash in go comes out perfect and those curls are defined, it makes be natural more than worth it.


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