One Year Later… the Growth!

On December 6th, 2016 I big chopped my hair. After transitioning for a little more than a year, I decided to IMAG0018cut my hair. After I cut it, my hair took off and grew longer than it ever was when it was relaxed.  Here are the four things that I believed helped my hair to grow.

The first thing was NO HEAT!  I do not put heat on my hair. The only time I did was when I graduated (back in May).  Keeping heat off of my hair helped me not to heat damage it which helped my hair to grow.

The second thing I did was protective styles. Whether my hair was twisted, braided, in a bun or I was wearing a wig, I tried to keep my hair in a protective style. I am not ashamed to say that I wear wigs.  I love them because they are a protective style that allows me to moisturize my natural hair nightly.  One of the reasons I think my hair grew so fast was because I would braid my hair down or get someone to help me braid it, put my oil mixture on my scalp and wear a wig for at least a month. When I did this MY HAIR GREW! lol

The third thing was moisturizing my hair. whether it 20170930_193126_HDRwas a leave-in conditioner, moisturizer or just plain H2O  I made sure to moisturize my hair. The fourth thing I did was I watched my diet. When I take care of me, my hair grows.

I am so happy that I went natural. My hair is the healthiest, longest, and thickest it has ever been! Yes being a natural head takes time but I love it because when that twist out or wash in go comes out perfect and those curls are defined, it makes be natural more than worth it.




To see my journey, follow me on Instagram to see how much my hair has grown.







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