Wakanda forever

On February 15, 2018, the movie that we all have been waiting for came out, Black Panther. In the opening weekend of this movie, it made over 400 million dollars. People came out and supported this incredible film. Some people dressed in African garb, while others wore outfits representing the African American culture. We all … Continue reading Wakanda forever


I Need a Drink… of Water!

Water is essential for living. It is important for cooking, cleaning, proper hygiene, and the environment. Water is also very important to stay healthy. Water is a chemical compound of two Hydrogen molecules bounded to an Oxygen molecule (I'm a scientist).   This incredible compound, water, keeps the body working and is needed for hydration, immune health, … Continue reading I Need a Drink… of Water!

Trust Me, It Is Better to Wait on God

God has been teaching me patience.  We all know this because of me writing The Wait,  The Gift of Patience, and Being Patient Because God Has You ( if you haven't read these post you should, they're Great!). But, I never talked about why or where did these blog posts stem from. Like why was I … Continue reading Trust Me, It Is Better to Wait on God

I love Good Food

One of the biggest components of your health is what you eat (aka diet). The diet is one of the hardest things to control but is extremely important. With the endless amount of places that you can get food and the busy schedules you might have, it is extremely hard to have a proper diet. … Continue reading I love Good Food