Trust Me, It Is Better to Wait on God

God has been teaching me patience.  We all know this because of me writing The Wait,  The Gift of Patience, and Being Patient Because God Has You ( if you haven’t read these post you should, they’re Great!). But, I never talked about why or where did these blog posts stem from. Like why was I writing so much about patience and waiting on God? Well, sometimes you have to go through some heartache to learn the lesson. So, this post tells the reason why we need to be patient and wait on God.

There will come a time in life that you learn just to trust God and the journey He has you on; the sooner we learn this,  the better life will be.  So why did I decided to wait on God? Because it was the only choice I had that gave me peace (at the moment I won’t be sharing what this journey is about or what I was running ahead of God for).  After months of debating with myself, writing, praying, crying, feeling helpless and hurt, I decided to trust God completely and to wait.IMG-958416088

It was a hard decision to come to because I honestly believe that the thing that I am waiting for is something that God has ordained for my life and should be apart of my life (now) but at this moment in life, God is telling me to wait. God told me to wait and I didn’t listen and decided to run ahead of His plans which caused me to hurt myself.

I hurt myself, by chasing after what God had told me to wait for. Then after hurting myself,  I thought that the same thing that hurt me could heal my wounds, but it didn’t, and my self-inflicted wound became worse. But God, because He loves me so much, took me in my broken state and started to mend my brokenness and heal my self-inflicted wounds from not waiting for Him. He reminded me that He has plans and to trust Him. He asked me to wait on Him and to trust Him.

And I am. Waiting on God is totally trusting and believing God will come through on time. I can say it is better to wait for God’s timing then running ahead of God.  God created you and knows when you need whatever you are waiting. I have learned that even though I want what I’m waiting for now, it would distract me from fulling the purpose God has for me. I encourage you to wait on God. Don’t run ahead of God, trust that He will provide in the perfect time; it will save you a whole lot of heartache, stress, and pain.

Until Next Time,



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