It has been SOO long since I wrote, I have missed all of you! I took a break from writing to study for the MCAT. If you have been reading the blog and have been apart of this journey with me then you know that being a doctor is the dream. However, I became paralyzed with fear when I graduated from college because my GPA was not competitive enough (so I thought) and I did not think that I could complete the dream.  But then, God showed me His promises that tell me how He is for me.


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I decided to take a leap of faith and to take God at His word, and study for the MCAT. Now, the MCAT is not like any other test, it is 8 hours long and challenging: testing a person over everything they should have learned in pre-med classes in college but with a twist to the information.  So, picture this: a woman studying for a test over the subject matter that she has C’s,  B’s and some A’s in, how does the picture look? You might say not good and when I started this studying journey, I would have agreed with you. But then, I looked back over the past year and saw time after time where God had blown my mind.


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A college grad should not be able to teach college (right out of college) but God made a way and I taught college. God made a way for me to work at a nonprofit where I wrote and am writing programs that will change the face of healthcare in West Michigan. God made a way for me to meet deans of medicine for several different medical schools. God made a way for me to continue to minister to others through this blog and by telling my story. God made a way for me to meet presidents, provost, and other important people at several different academic institutions. God has made ways and He keeps making ways in my life and in yours.

“God does not lose, all He does is win.”

So, going back to that picture of a woman studying for the MCAT with C’s, B’s and some A’s in the subject matter that she will be tested over on the MCAT,  expect in this picture in left upper hand corner, I see God opening the channels of her brain so she can soak up the information. I see God placing wisdom within her mind so she can comprehend all that she reads and answers the questions correctly. I see God performing a miracle in her life because when God is for you, there is nothing that can be against you.  When God is for you walls fall, sickness melts away, tests become a testimony, trials are triumphant, the MCAT is not a challenge but is conquered.


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I don’t know what has you paralyzed in fear or what you are scared of but trust God and see how He will make a way for you. To be honest, I was frightened by the MCAT; in my mind, I had already lost.  Elyse by herself will lose BUT then I remembered that Elyse with God wins. God does not lose, all He does is win.  Whatever you are scared about or whatever has paralyzed you in fear, give to God. Trust Him and believe the promises that He gives us, then watch how God wins for you. I promise you that He will win,  He always wins.  On April 20th, 2018, I took the MCAT. I do not know how I did (yet) but I know that as long as I am on God’s side, I win. Choose God and start winning!


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