Stay Calm and Exercise

Exercise… the majority of people have a love-hate relationship with it. When exercising muscles burn, you get out of breath (especially when you are out of shape), you get sweaty and so many other things that make’s exercising annoying. However, exercise is very important in staying healthy and staying/ getting in shape… did I mention it is GREAT for you and fun!



Photo by Bruce mars from Pexels

According to Healthy People 2020*, more than 80% of adults and adolescents do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.  Physical activity (exercise) is important because it can improve your health and the quality of your life, which is important in becoming the best version of yourself.  By exercising regularly, you lower your risk of death, coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and depression. Not only that but by exercising regularly you keep the extra weight off.   Physical activity can improve bone, muscle fitness and can decrease the level of body fat. Basically, exercise or physical activity keeps you healthy and alive; isn’t that GREAT!


Photo from Pexels

Did you know that if you do 60 minutes of moderate to intensity aerobic physical activity (exercise) a week, you will be healthier than a person who does not work out at all?  A good exercise that can work miracles is walking. By going for a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day can help you to reduce risk your heart attack, obesity, and type 2 Diabetes. Not mention it will help you get that summer beach body… or just to help you get fit and lose the winter weight.  Other good exercises are swimming, running and cycling, they help you to stay fit and healthy as well.


Photo by Pexels

I know that it is sometimes hard to get 60 minutes of moderate exercise in, so here are some things that you can do to get that hour in and to stay fit and healthy.  Enjoy exercising!

1.. Workout videos. Workout videos are normally 10-20 minutes and by the end, you can feel tired, sweaty and feel great. I use YouTube workout videos, they are free and great. Here are some links to the ones I use.

Bodyweight HIT workout:

10 Minute Ab Workout:   

2. Walking instead of driving. If you are a college student, instead of driving to all your classes, park your car once and then walk to all of your classes. If you work and have meetings that are close to each other walk to them instead of driving.

3. Taking the stairs. Forget the elevator and take the stairs! That is a workout by itself.

4. Take a walk. During a lunch break, go for a walk (if the weather permits). Walking is great and it’s FREE. Go to the mall and instead of shopping go walking!

5. Dancing! Put on your favorite song and just dance to it.  Dancing is fun and can be a workout by itself.

Remember, exercising is fun!

Until next time,






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