Boss Lady July: Living Life on Purpose

I am so excited to share this gorgeous and talented Boss Lady.   I had the privilege of growing up with her and I have seen her become an incredible woman.   So without further ado, Let me introduce to you Songwe!


Introduce Yourself: Tell us who you are, what you do and a little about you.
My name is Songwe Chiyombwe… different I know! I was born in Zambia but the United States has been home since I was three years old. I am currently on a journey of self-discovery which entails figuring out who Songwe really is. This is nothing new, I am sure that most people if not everyone goes through this stage during their twenties. I work in Commercial Insurance right now but my true passion lies in ministry… youth and young adult ministry to be exact. After a long battle with myself and the many different things that I thought I was supposed to be doing, I finally realized that ministry is what I was made to do.

Wow, girl, that’s exciting! What inspired or motivated you to pursue ministry?

I think it all started when I was in my late teens. I started to realize how much I loved to pray. Whether at church, at home, at various events, I just felt something. That love for prayer then turned into me wanting to preach but I never thought I could do it. I always thought you had to meet certain qualifications to be able to minister. But then, God started to reveal to me that He specializes in qualifying the “unqualified” and using anyone who is usable and available. So, my prayer each day is a renewed vow to God to be ready and willing to be used to do the work of The One who created me.

What are some of the challenges you face and how do you overcome them?
One of the challenges that I face is the feeling of being unworthy. I remember feeling as though I had to be perfect or fit into some box of whatever I thought I needed to be in order to be used by God, which is why when I made human mistakes, that I was sure disappointed God, I let these decisions consume me. I find myself constantly asking how or why would God want to use me to reach anyone when I’ve made some terrible choices in the past and still feel so unworthy. But then, I found God’s love, mercy, and grace. I honestly feel like prayer and having a personal relationship with God are the only way to deal with this but since I am human I don’t know if it is ever anything that truly goes away.

 What is one thing that you would tell someone who wants to be a successful black woman?
One thing I would say is to walk in your truth. Your truth and your story are all that you have and it makes you who you are. We may walk through similar paths but, no two people on this earth have the same exact story. The more I grow the more I realize just how much my truth and my story sets me apart. Accepting your journey and the things that have shaped you into who you are can be so difficult but it’s necessary. Don’t try to fit into a standardized box. That box you are trying to fit in probably can’t even contain all the magic you possess.

What are your three things that make a woman a boss lady?
Intentionality. That seems like a rare quality nowadays. Be intentional in everything you do. Whether professional or personal it will definitely make a difference.
Respect. You want to be someone who is respectful and someone who can be respected. I feel as though respect is one of those values that encompasses so many different qualities so, it’s a must-have.
Tenacity. This right here will take you places. Being able to keep your eyes on the prize regardless of what you go through is so important. Life is filled with roadblocks but, tenacity is what gets you over, around and through them.

“Live life on purpose”

Songwe, any advice that you would like to share?

One thing I am constantly reminding people of is that life is short and you only have one life to live. Live it wisely and purposefully. Don’t spend all your time living for others and not doing things that feed and satisfy the innermost parts of you. Follow your heart but take your mind with you!


Thanks, Songwe for taking the time out and sharing your story on being a Boss lady and advice for future boss lady’s!  If you would like to learn more about Songwe,  she can be found on Facebook- “Songwe M Chiyombwe”, Instagram- “@songgwayy”, Twitter- “@muchimbaaa”, and you can also connect with her visiting her blog

Until next time,



One thought on “Boss Lady July: Living Life on Purpose

  1. Gosh I can so relate to when she said she felt like she had to be perfect to be used by God and that the tiniest mistake caused her to feel like she disappointed Him. But it’s so amazing that even though we sin and step out of God’s will, He still finds a way to use it. Thank you for sharing your interview with Songwe, and I’ll be sure to follow her!


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