Live an EPIC Life #BossLadyJuly

I hope that you have been enjoying Boss Lady July as much as I have. Before we end July,  I have one more Boss Lady story to share. I met  Courtney back in college and she has been a blessing in my life.  Unlike the other Boss Lady July lady’s, Courtney is going to actually share her story. I hope that you are blessed.  So without further ado, let me introduce Courtney Buckhanon!

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Hi! I’m Courtney Buckhanon and I am Miss Black Georgia USA! I get to enact my platform, BossUp (Merging the economic gap between black and white America through entrepreneurship and financial literacy) throughout the state of Georgia!

I’m the youngest of 7. I grew up in a small country town, Franklin, GA! Most people who are born and raised in GA don’t even know where that is (lol). And people who know me never believe I’m from the country, but I am. I love the city, but I love walking barefoot in the grass just as much.

Honestly, not many people are aware of my story and looking back, it’s amazing how God has aligned my life. Let me say, I know I’m not perfect, but God has truly blessed me withimage2 a heart and a perspective on life that causes me to use it as fuel and a not a crutch or a sob story. The reality of my story is, I come from generations of broken homes. Somewhere in there is a very legalistic and misinformed, if I might add, form of Christianity that was added to the mix.

There was a period where domestic abuse was a norm in my home. My father had rash outbursts due to a drug addiction. So let me break it down. I come from a home where perfection didn’t feel like an option, this rendered a sense of you’re never good enough,  not even for Jesus to save you truly. I grew up in a home where domestic abuse was normalized and we don’t talk about it or call it by name. Example,  it just so happened that my parents got In a fight and daddy tried to choke mommy… Not to mention the fact, that we don’t even talk about how drugs can kill a whole family.

But we were the perfect little black family from the outside looking in. All of this resulted in a lot of pain and a family who’s still learning and redefining what family means and looks like. But again this is a generational struggle. The reality is though, I’ve decided to live differently and Do different. I want to define a family from the beginning.


I have a burden in my heart to break the cycles I’ve seen and unfortunately, they’ve continued to manifest in my siblings some. This motivates me in the grand scheme of things. I need my nieces and nephew to know they don’t have to accept what they see as their only option because that’s all they see.  That’s why Wakanda was such a big deal: positive representation is important. What’s really great is just about every major milestone or goal I’ve set for myself, even the half-hearted ones I’ve attained! I actually said in high school that I wanted to do a pageant. I never thought that would equal a national stage, but here we are.

When I became Miss Black GA, it didn’t actually seem like a possible goal. I did not think the little girl from Franklin, who used to be so quiet, and nerdy, (I’m talking glasses braces and clothes that didn’t fit right) would ever be in the running for Miss Black USA.  Even when I reflect on being Miss Oakwood, it is still a fairytale to me. When asked to join the Miss Black Ga pageant system, I found out even if you lose the state title you can keep your city title and work your platform. Knowing that was good enough for me, I just wanted/want to help people, whether it is on a big scale or small scale.

I share my story because I want you to know that if you have a dream or a goal never stop trying. Never stop pursuing what You want. I can honestly say I’m JUST getting started! By profession, I’m a digital marketer. We learn how to create ad funnels (it’s a suggested route a customer would take to making a purchase in the shape of a funnel) that’ll produce conversions or sales. I employ you to create a life funnel. Be it a day to day one that’ll help you reach optimal success in being the best version of yourself. A life funnel that helps you reach your larger goals.

I believe that someone who strives to execute excellence, looking good while doing good and bettering others being at your core make’s her a woman a Boss Lady. As Chance said, “The people’s champ must be everything the people can’t be”.

Always remember that there’s only one you. You have one life to live, so live your life totally unapologetically. Live your life and live it gloriously. Do things that feed your soul regularly. Those are the things that matter most.  Live your life EPIC:  Live an experiential, participatory, interconnected, and Christ-centered life.

~ Courtney

Thank you, Courtney, for sharing, your story touched my life.  If you would like to know more about Courtney, you can DM her on Instagram, missblackgeorgia or Courtneytierisa. Or you can email her at

Also, if you would like to vote for Miss Georga USA (Courtney) for Miss Black USA, please click this link Vote for Miss Black USA. 


One thought on “Live an EPIC Life #BossLadyJuly

  1. “I need my nieces and nephew to know they don’t have to accept what they see as their only option because that’s all they see.” This can be a hard task but is truly a worthy cause! Doing it for the now but especially the next generation is what is going to close that gap more quickly! What a great woman!


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