Like, Did He Just Ask Me that?

I normally don’t write on my relationships or dating life but I have a story.  I went on a blind date a few weeks ago and it was bad. Like everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. I’m going to share my experience, for a good laugh and hopefully someone might read this and not do the same things this guy did.



For this story, we are going to call my date Bob. So I went on a blind date.I don’t do blind dates, I like knowing the person but I had a friend who thought Bob and I would be great together and gave me Bob’s number and gave Bob my number. Bob and I texted and decided to meet up in person since we had never met each other. We set a date and chose the location and that was that.

The first mistake that Bob made was, he was late. You might be thinking being late isn’t a problem except for when he was close to 30 minutes late. I should have left but I had things to accomplish near the place of the date.  The next mistake was that he didn’t make a reservation at the restaurant so we had to go somewhere else because we weren’t waiting an hour… well I wasn’t waiting an hour.


Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels

When we got to the new restaurant, he stepped out to take a phone call. Then when we ordered he didn’t pay for my food. At this moment I am getting upset. Like my guy friends pay for my food but Bob didn’t think he needed to?? But it gets better (in a bad way), he then gets another phone call at the table and proceeds to pull out his laptop TO DO WORK WHILE ON A DATE! Like who does that?

I want to leave now because I feel as though my time is being wasted and time is too valuable to waste.  I guess that he gets that I’m getting upset because he puts the computer away and attempts to have a conversation with me. After dinner, we leave. He wants to stop and get coffee at this coffee shop which I agree to. We get our drinks (which he paid for) and Bob tries to make the date better however, at this point I have decided the date was a waste of time.

But then he asked the question.

Bob asked me if my hair was MY HAIR!!

excuse me

I was done with Bob by now. Stunned with shock, I sat there dumbfounded… like did this fool just ask me that. When the shock wore off, Bob was back on the phone with someone ( he claims it was his boss). I am mad and making my move to leave. He sees that and comes back inside and then tries to explain that the only reason why he is not at work was because he was out with me. He continues talking about how I seem unhappy and that I should stop being a busy person.  After saying all that, he asked if I wanted to come over. Before I could answer or say anything, his phone goes off  again, which he answers, after talking for a moment he pulls out his laptop and I leave.


I have never met someone who treated a person they were trying to get to know better so bad. I guess I am really blessed because up until then all of the men in my life have treated me with respect and respected my time. Most of the time, me being a boss lady is attractive, however it wasn’t for Bob. I learned a lot during that date (which I will share in another post). Moral of the story, I’m done with blind dates. Also, I’m a queen and I don’t mess with toads.

Until next time,



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