Nature is the Best!

Outdoors, a place that is filled with sunlight, trees, bugs, wind, dust, pollen and so many other elements that might make you want to stay indoors instead of going outside.  But being outside is very important for YOU! especially when trying to stay healthy.  Nature was the doctor before there ever was a doctor.




Did you know that spending time outdoors is important for the immune system? When you spend time outside in nature, you are getting sunshine and fresh air. Both are important in fighting off an infection and promoting a healthy immune system.

Fun Fact! In 1919, there was a flu epidemic in California. Thousands of people were sick which was causing an overcrowding in the hospitals. The army was called to help with the epidemic.



They brought tents and set them up so that people could stay in them. Some of the patients from the hospital that had the flu were moved into the tents. They only had a blanket and a warm towel blanket over their feet. The patients that were in the tents became better and healthier before the people in the hospital.  This goes to show that fresh air helps the immune system to stay strong and to fight off infectious disease or bacteria.


If possible spend some time outside. Take a lunch break and sit in the sun or better yet, read this blog while enjoying the nice spring/summer weather. It is important to take care of yourself. Yes, pollen causes allergies but think of all the other great benefits from being outdoors!


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