Stay Calm and Exercise

Exercise... the majority of people have a love-hate relationship with it. When exercising muscles burn, you get out of breath (especially when you are out of shape), you get sweaty and so many other things that make's exercising annoying. However, exercise is very important in staying healthy and staying/ getting in shape... did I mention it is … Continue reading Stay Calm and Exercise



It has been SOO long since I wrote, I have missed all of you! I took a break from writing to study for the MCAT. If you have been reading the blog and have been apart of this journey with me then you know that being a doctor is the dream. However, I became paralyzed … Continue reading ALL HE DOES IS WIN!!!

Wakanda forever

On February 15, 2018, the movie that we all have been waiting for came out, Black Panther. In the opening weekend of this movie, it made over 400 million dollars. People came out and supported this incredible film. Some people dressed in African garb, while others wore outfits representing the African American culture. We all … Continue reading Wakanda forever

I Need a Drink… of Water!

Water is essential for living. It is important for cooking, cleaning, proper hygiene, and the environment. Water is also very important to stay healthy. Water is a chemical compound of two Hydrogen molecules bounded to an Oxygen molecule (I'm a scientist).   This incredible compound, water, keeps the body working and is needed for hydration, immune health, … Continue reading I Need a Drink… of Water!