Nature is the Best!

Outdoors, a place that is filled with sunlight, trees, bugs, wind, dust, pollen and so many other elements that might make you want to stay indoors instead of going outside.  But being outside is very important for YOU! especially when trying to stay healthy.  Nature was the doctor before there ever was a doctor.   Did … Continue reading Nature is the Best!


Like, Did He Just Ask Me that?

I normally don't write on my relationships or dating life but I have a story.  I went on a blind date a few weeks ago and it was bad. Like everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. I'm going to share my experience, for a good laugh and hopefully someone might read this and … Continue reading Like, Did He Just Ask Me that?

How to become a successful boss: Things I’ve learned becoming my own boss – TMarie

Back in July, I did a series called Boss Lady July. One of the people I interviewed was a songwriter and CEO of her own company.  She and I had so much fun talking that I decided we needed one more post so that she could share some on advice on how to become a … Continue reading How to become a successful boss: Things I’ve learned becoming my own boss – TMarie

Success is Improving Yourself #BossLady

I hope that you enjoyed Boss Lady July as much as I did! Even though July is over, I have one more Boss Lady I want to share. This week, I had the privilege to interview one of my college roommates, Kaylah Joseph.  I consider her one very successful person. She was nominated as one … Continue reading Success is Improving Yourself #BossLady