#Haters Free

We all have haters. We give our haters power by listening to them or acknowledging their presence. Remember, haters do not want to see you prosper, that's why they're hating. Stop giving your haters power by listening to them. Stop allowing your haters to keep you from the person you are meant to be. When … Continue reading #Haters Free


Let’s Get Fit!

Recently in life, I have started to work on becoming the healthiest version of myself (it's my new year's resolution). When I was in college, I learned about  8 amazing health laws that are extremely beneficial in helping you become the healthiest version of yourself.  Over the next few blog posts, I am going to write about … Continue reading Let’s Get Fit!

I Choose Me

The first step in becoming the Best Version of You is accepting who you are.  When I started my journey of becoming the best version of me, I was at my breaking point. I didn't like where I was in life and wanted a change. But, even though I was at my breaking point, it wasn't … Continue reading I Choose Me

What Makes You Valuable

In my post You are Valuable, I shared the importance of knowing your value and worth and how you are valuable. But... if you are like me, you've probably asked the question, what makes me valuable? I will tell you! There are three areas that make you valuable; who's your are, your personality and your … Continue reading What Makes You Valuable