Live an EPIC Life #BossLadyJuly

I hope that you have been enjoying Boss Lady July as much as I have. Before we end July,  I have one more Boss Lady story to share. I met  Courtney back in college and she has been a blessing in my life.  Unlike the other Boss Lady July lady's, Courtney is going to actually … Continue reading Live an EPIC Life #BossLadyJuly


Positive Quote 15.05

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock.

Tony Gaskins (b. 1984)

Have a blessed day all.

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It has been SOO long since I wrote, I have missed all of you! I took a break from writing to study for the MCAT. If you have been reading the blog and have been apart of this journey with me then you know that being a doctor is the dream. However, I became paralyzed … Continue reading ALL HE DOES IS WIN!!!

Trust Me, It Is Better to Wait on God

God has been teaching me patience.  We all know this because of me writing The Wait,  The Gift of Patience, and Being Patient Because God Has You ( if you haven't read these post you should, they're Great!). But, I never talked about why or where did these blog posts stem from. Like why was I … Continue reading Trust Me, It Is Better to Wait on God