It has been SOO long since I wrote, I have missed all of you! I took a break from writing to study for the MCAT. If you have been reading the blog and have been apart of this journey with me then you know that being a doctor is the dream. However, I became paralyzed … Continue reading ALL HE DOES IS WIN!!!


2017, It’s a Wrap!

The year 2017 is over! This year flew by so fast! So many things happened this year that if I were to write about it I would need to start a blog (lol). As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 starts there are three important lessons that 2017 taught me that I want to … Continue reading 2017, It’s a Wrap!

What’s Next???

In the blog post, The Gift of Patience, I mentioned that God was preparing me for the next. So, what is the next? I'll tell you! After a summer of waiting on God, sleeping, relaxing, working out, semi-studying for tests and holistic growth, God decided on July 30th to give me the next and I … Continue reading What’s Next???

The Gift of Patieince

I  am not the most patient person. If I think I can accomplish something sooner than someone else, I tend to go behind the other person's back and do the task (this is a very bad habit that I am working on breaking). I do not like to wait for people, I hate slow drivers … Continue reading The Gift of Patieince