I Wish.

I remember as a kid growing up and watching different TV shows and movies where people were granted wishes. I would sit there fascinated by how these wishes were granted. Cinderella had glass slippers and a stunning ball gown to wear to the ball; her wish was granted by her fairy godmother. Little Mermaid wish was to … Continue reading I Wish.


I’m a Sheep….Baah

Life can get extremely busy and stressful. I know that for me life is hectic. Between all the things that I do and the responsibility I have, I find myself stressing and worrying. One day I  was so overwhelmed with life that I grabbed my Bible and opened it to Psalms 23.  When I first … Continue reading I’m a Sheep….Baah

Get You A Friend That Prays… With You!

One thing that I loved the most about college was the opportunity to form friendships with so many people. The friends that you make become the people that encourage you, grow you, your partner in crime, your driver, and so much more. All of the friends that I made in college played and continue to play … Continue reading Get You A Friend That Prays… With You!

Dear Future College Student… You Did It!

Dear Future College Student, Graduation is over! You have made it through high school, Congratulations!! As you make your final decisions on college, I want to give you some advice. Get involved your freshman year. What I mean by this is find a club, a choir,  an organization, or anything that sparks your interest and … Continue reading Dear Future College Student… You Did It!